Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

When to Take Out a Small Business Loan

One of the most significant challenges facing small businesses today is not knowing how to acquire a small business loan when it is needed, and when the right time is to take out a loan.  Fortunately, there are many banks today that are looking to provide a variety of loans to small companies, and there are several situations when taking out a loan is the best decision that a small business owner could make.  

Merchant Store Loan Alternative

One situation when taking out a loan from a bank would be if the business is looking to expand and needs more space or equipment to do so.  While most people would think that it would be a better idea to wait until the expansion of equipment could be purchased with cash, using financing from a bank is often the best option.  This will allow the Small Business Loan to expand while receiving a relatively low interest rate on the loan.  Any additional cash could be used to reinvest in other business needs.

Another time that it would be a good idea to take out a loan would be when a business needs a line of credit.  Many businesses are able to attract customers by offering competitive repayment terms that range from giving customers up to 90 days to make a payment.  While this may increase sales, it can be a drain on cash because a customer may not make a payment for a long time after a product or service has been sold.  With a line of credit, a business will be able to borrow money whenever they need to.  Then, when they receive money from their customers, they will be able to pay down the loan balance.  Banks typically will provide funds to a borrower equal to seventy or eighty percent of the business's accounts receivable balance.

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Considering a Small Business Loan?

In these tough economic times, many families, as well as businesses are struggling to make ends meet.  Owning your own business may seem like an unattainable goal, but it is still a possibility, even in this economic climate.  Opening your own business is rewarding, and gives you the flexibility to make your own schedule and be your own boss.  With a little hard work and a smart business plan, owning a small business is a plausible option for many. 

Small Business Loan

Whether you are a current or aspiring business owner, you may want to consider a small business loan.  Of course, terms vary, but in general, these loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including the following ones: building a brand new business, expanding a current one, or buying supplies. Such loans are available from a variety of sources.  The federal government, namely the Small Business Administration, has several programs that offer loans.  Additionally, many states and communities have programs that supplement the funds offered at the federal level.  Another option is your local bank. You may choose to rely on one of these sources, two or more of them combined, or find another fund altogether.

Regardless of which source you choose, there are certain requirements you will need to meet before you are approved.  First of all, you are going to need a solid business plan.  No one is going to lend you money if you do not have a clear breakdown of how the money you acquire through the loan will be used.  A good credit score is another plus.  If you have a poor credit rating, you may need to consider finding a cosigner to increase your chances of getting your loan approved. Whether you are building a business from scratch or simply want to expand one you already have, a small business loan can provide the capital you need.

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When to Consider a Small Business Loan

When should a business owner consider a small business loan?  There are many circumstances under which a business loan may be in order.  Sometimes there is a need to create more capital as a long-term solution or even to start up an endeavor.  Sometimes a business owner may want to expand his or her business.  There may also be a need to get rid of some debt in order to avoid suffering any losses when profits are not covering the losses.

Small Business Loan

One of the primary reasons for seeking a loan is when the owner wants to expand the business.  Sometimes loans are easier to obtain in this situation because it is usually a successful business that needs to expand.  Facilities may no longer be able to accommodate or the owner may want to open up the business in a new location.  In either case, the owner needs to be able to show that the business will continue to be successful.

A small business loan owner may also seek a loan when more capital is needed for a small endeavor that may not be well-established.  In this case, the loan may not be as easy to obtain as the owner may not have proven a stable or loyal client or customer base.  However, if able to obtain the loan, then the endeavor may be able to continue operations with extra resources.

Another reason that one may seek a small business loan is to pay off debts such as payments for materials and resources needed to conduct business.  In this case, the owner may be in danger of having his or her line of credit destroyed.  However, this type of loan may be difficult because this can be a sign of an unsuccessful business endeavor but, if granted can buy the business some time.

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Alternative to Normal Small Business Loans

If you are a new business and need more capital, you may have a harsh reality when the bank denies your loan even with semi-good credit. Banks and credit unions have made getting business loans harder than ever with more criteria needed in order to be approved.

This has left new business owners unable to continue with their small business loan dreams due to lack of cash. However, a merchant store loan alternative may be just what is needed to get the capital to continue business owner's dream.

A merchant advance is a loan that is easier to qualify for since it is not as strict about credit as it is how much the business currently makes and what the projected sales are. The loan is paid through future sales and whenever a credit card or debit card is run, the lender gets a percentage to help pay the loan off.

small business loan

The interest is higher than a traditional small business loan, but since the loan payments are based on sales, it can be a better option, in many cases. Often the only thing standing in the way of a bank loan is a credit score, but with a merchant advance loan, this problem is removed.

While the interest may be higher on an alternative loan, for many small businesses, it is the best way to obtain the capital needed. A bank loan, while having less overall interest on the loan, is not flexible in the repayment. Flexibility is what small businesses need and why this type of loan has gained in popularity.

If you are just getting started in your business and have been denied a small business loan, do not feel bad, the majority are not approved. The almost impossibility of obtaining a traditional small business loan has left the door wide open for alternative solutions such as a merchant cash advance loan.

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