Use Equipment Finance for Big Purchases

Regardless of the industry that a business competes in, growing and staying competitive will almost always require having new equipment used to help produce or sell their products.  While equipment is very important, it can be quite expensive.  Luckily, there are many different equipment finance options available from banks and other programs that could help you to get the equipment that you need.

Equipment Leasing

One option for equipment finance would be to take out a loan from a bank.  Banks offer a wide range of loan options to businesses of all sizes.  One option would be to take out a line of credit and use the proceeds to purchase equipment.  Banks will almost always provide lines of credit to successful businesses.  These lines of credit are typically secured by accounts receivables or some other collateral, and the proceeds could be used to buy any form of equipment necessary.  You may also be able to receive an equipment term loan in which they will give you the money necessary to buy the equipment and you can then repay the loan over time.

Another option for equipment finance would be to look into government loan programs.  The government has a wide range of loan programs available to small businesses that are looking to expand.  These loan programs do include loans capital improvements, which can include equipment purchases.  These loans are often ideal for a business because the interest rates are very low and could have a much longer repayment term, which would then reduce the overall payment.

Equipment Leasing

The third option would be to seek an equity investor.  Equity investors are individuals or entities that will provide you with the money necessary to purchase the equipment and usually provide many options regarding equipment finance. However, in return, they will retain a small percentage ownership of your company and will receive dividends going forward.

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