When your customer has checks, not credit . . .

As a business owner, are you losing customers who don’t have the ability to be approved through traditional financing options or have been turned down by your regular lending source?  Do your customers have bad credit?  Are you concerned these customers are gone for good because you can’t find them the financing to afford your services?  You’re right.  They are gone. Since, every customer counts, you need to find a solution fast . . .

At Merchant Capital Store we have the customer credit services and solutions just for you to help your customers afford your services and get you your payments fast.  As long as your customer has a checking account, our “same as cash” lending option will help you get more business by offering a way to sell to customers that normally would not be able to afford your services.

Just consider the financial windfall this program will bring your business!

  • Customer selects the product or service they need and gives you a single check for payment.
  • The check goes through an approval “capture” process to validate the account information.
  • The consumer gives verbal authorization for the total amount and the schedule payments are withdrawn.
  • The debits are automatically withdrawn from your customer’s account every 30 days until paid in full.

This is a cutting edge lending solution designed especially with your business and clientele in mind!  Keep your customers happy and raise your profits with our unique customer credit services!

Some consumers don’t have good credit and others just don’t want their credit checked.  But by utilizing one of our more unique customer credit services you can offer our check financing option to those people, as long as they have a valid checking account.  Our unique “same as cash” check payment plan helps your customers pay for unexpected financial emergencies or increase the amount of their overall purchase when they don’t have enough cash on hand.

Here is how it works:

  • You accept 1 check in a single transaction of up to $5000.00
  • The initial check must be at least 25% of the total purchase price.
  • All additional check payments will be Automated Clearing House (ACH) system check drafted every thirty days from the customer bank account (we do the draft on your behalf).
  •  The check must be dated the same day as the date of authorization – no post dated checks.
  • The check is swiped through a Check Reader (that we provide at no cost) and issued an authorization code through the ACH system.
  • The customer & merchant must complete a security agreement (agreeing to the purchase arrangement & deposit dates).
  • You get paid(in full) TODAY!

This is the easiest and best way to offer customer credit services and financing for customers who don’t have the ability to be approved through traditional financing options or have been turned down by your regular lending source.  If they have a checking account and valid ID and no criminal history, check fraud history or excessive NSF check history, the purchase is approved and you’ve made the sale!

If you’re one of the following businesses types, we can help!

  • General Auto Repair / Car Dealer Service / Parts Dept
  • Automotive Parts / Tires / Rims Installation
  • Transmission Repair
  • Vet / Emergency Animal Hospital Services
  • Appliance Sales / Repairs
  • Medical / Dental Services
  • Furniture / Bedding / Mattress
  • Sporting Goods
  • Computers
  • Guns / Ammo
  • Home Exercise Equipment
  • Camping / Skiing / Outdoor Recreation
  • Bicycles
  • Lawn / Garden Equipment
  • Funeral Home
  • New Car Dealer Sales (for down payment)
  • New Motorcycle Dealer Sales (for retail sales &down payment)
  • New RV Dealer Sales (for retail sales &down payment)
  • New Scooter Dealer Sales
  • Home Improvement = Retail Store or Contractor (plumber, electrician, etc.) 

Example:  flooring, carpet, paint, drapery, appliances, etc.

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